Knit one, scream into your pillow too.

Life has taken a turn towards stressful.

The crap with Ashley and Jeremy is still crappy and my life is crawling along with it. I know I shouldn’t be so involved, but there is nothing that I can do about it. I am all kinds of in the middle and yet on the fringe as well. It’s weird and tiring and all I want to do is become a vegan who knits, writes fan fiction, spends time with Ian and gardens to her heart’s content.

Speaking of gardens, we have started our own humble bit here in Tacoma. The tomatoes peppers and salad greens are sprouting away in the kitchen and Ian’s hands are all blisters because he is turning the back yard by hand with a pickax. We are a bit late, but then again, the yard was a flipping mess until recently.

I have a scarf in the works still and the desire to learn to make socks. I also plan to make a blanket for my nephew Christofer because he never got a home-made baby blanket. How sad is that?

Charlie is laying at my feet, Edgar is upstairs reveling in his superiority because he is a cat, Ian and I are watching deadliest warrior and I want to go to bed… I am such a party animal.


100 mile diet

I have decided to jump on the 100 mile diet bandwagon.  Instead of just eating food from within a 100 mile radius as the crow flies I am going to try and eat only products from Washington State.

I will make small allowances for things like sugar, ghee, rice and tea but other then that, if its not from here I am not not not eating it. That said… I need to go force my little sister to take me to the local farm store to get honey and maybe some squash and eggs…

There will be more posts on this… I promise!


I ate meat today. Disgusting.

It was delicious and perfect and poisonous all at once…

I am of the firm belief that humans are not meant to eat meat what so ever, and that we poison ourselves each time we consume it. And yet, I had some for supper tonight. I am, in as few words as I can say, deeply ashamed and disgusted with myself.


Leg Warmer update!

I am halfway done with Ella’s first leg warmer!

hey thats my key board!

I will be tapering the end into an ankle cuff tonight and then adding moons… I think it’s super cute already though and can’t wait until they are finished.

Things are

Life is the same as it has been for a good while now.

Ian and I still need to order our seeds and Ashley and Jeremy are still fighting a lot. He makes things horrid and uncomfortable for everyone but in the long run he can only irritate us if we let him.

I am just now realizing how truely blessed me life is. I have a good husband and a wonderful set of friends that I wouldn’t trade for anything. While my job is not my first choice is it still a job and it pays the bills. Things are pretty good and I don’t think that I have the right to complain considering all that God has given me over the years.

I have started a pair of leg warmers for Ella. They are blueish and I call them “Luna’s Lunar Leg Warmers”. I have maybe an inch finished and they need to be about 11 inches long, I want to have a longer leg warmer just in case she grows.

My altars are up and looking good. I have a kitchen altar up in my breakfast nook dedicated to Brìd and an altar in the office that is dedicated to Cernunnos and Danu. I love them both and they make me feel like a better witch.

In other news, Lent is starting on Tuesday. I always take part and this year is no different.

For Lent 2010 I have decided to give up sweets and the drama for the moment as well as do some type of workout every day.


It always comes back to Harry Potter…

I am completely in love with all things Harry Potter, which comes as no surprise to anyone knows me (I have a Deathly Hallows tattoo for gods sake).

That said, I have three projects in the works and all are Harry Potter related…

1. I have to finish the 9th chapter for the story/fic I am currently working on.

2. I have to get to work on an Anti-Valentines Day fic that I signed up to write.

3. I joined the RavOlympics on, I am part of TeamHPCrafters… this means I might just get to start and finish a few projects this season. WOOHOO

In other news, the kids love getting tattooed (we draw on them with markers) and so they have been walking around covered in non-toxic ink. When I say covered I mean it btw. They are inked up good, Michael has a partial sleeve and a giant back tat. and Ella just has them randomly all over her little self.

That is all.

New Years Resolutions

This year I will

1. freak out less

2. Update my fic’s & blog more

3. make out more

4. learn to sew

5. eat better

6. grow my own garden full of yummy veggies

7. learn to cook more asian foods.

8. learn to play my guitar

9. chant every day

10. say daily devotions every day.

Why can’t I be in Asia with Allan…?

As per my blog title, I would love to not be in Tacoma right now. I would love to be eating Chinese food, in China with Allan. Not because I am in love or anything like it with Allan but because he is in China and China is not Tacoma…

Things are complicated and irritating and loud and frustrating and lazy and messy and covered in snot here in my house (things are also good and loving and warm and tasty and full hugs or kisses and tickles here in my house). I keep yelling at my sister and her husband when it comes to their kids because I feel they are both lazy and they both feel like I am over stepping my place. My thought is this… when you kids are both coughing and sneezing and one of them is coughing so hard that his nose is bleeding, then you need to get off your arse and find something at home that might hold them over until their 2pm doctors appointment. Yes, I get that I am not their mother. I mean I seriously know that. I promise. But if no one else if going to do it then I will. I will give them their meds and I will wipe the bloody snot from their faces and I will lose my shit all over the two “adults” that act like children and bicker back and forth about who should do what. Do not argue, just do it.

I am making a promise to myself via this blog. I will be spending a lot of time in my upstairs office so as to not step in and then start flipping out. I’ve been flipping out a lot. Over dirty dishes, over unkept children, over attitudes and wandering husbands (not Ian). I am done. It’s not right and it is pissing people off. My sister is mad and slamming doors because I yelled at her for working out instead of insuring that her lazy husband gave their children medicine.

This is me taking a stand. I will not watch the children I love being ignored and left to fend for themselves when both Mummy and Daddy are present, but I also wont flip out about it. I will tell them that if they aren’t going to do it then I will. End of story.

As an ending note, I give you this picture. Calm down, I know it is amazing.

Peacock from zoolights earlier this month... I used my mothers camera and for some reason I always take blurry pictures with it.

Christmas Lights and the Mac theif…

My mother told us to take some of her lights home so that we don’t have to buy them ourselves.

Here is a small result of that.

Michael covered in lights!

I am aware of the fact that this is a very blurry picture, but I didn’t take it, Ian did.

Also, for your viewing pleasure, Ella the Mac thief. I got up to go to the bathroom and came back to this.

Mac thief

She did this herself. No one helped her and yes, it was on. I left it open and she decided to have fun. Good times.

The fam damnly

In no particular order, these are my older sisters boys on Halloween.


Cristofer, being a cowboy.


His cowboy name is Indian Jones, he is aware of the fact that Indy wasn’t a cowboy. He just doesn’t care.


Jaired as Iron Man


Being the best Iron Man that these four walls have ever seen, he terrified my friends little boy when he had the mask on. The image was only made better when he took the mask off and gave his trademark goofy smile. I freaking love this kid.


Kyle as...something


I have no idea what he was supposed to be aside from the fact that his costume ribs had the ability to bleed. Nice? Sadly, the mask hides his eyes and infectious smile.


Mo. Sleeping... and being adorable.

What you can’t see very well in this picture, and sadly wont see for a while due to a hair cut, are his curls of cuteness. He had the biggest cutest dishwater blond curls ever. Paired with his pursed lips when he attempts to get something… yeah I am a total goner.



Ella in only her diaper.

Little Mama here is always at least half-naked. Or at least she was until I moved in. Ian and I are on a mission to keep her dressed at all times. Why? Because there is nothing more adorable then her fully dressed and dancing her ass off to age inappropriate music that’s why. All kidding aside, isn’t she cute as hell? My need to hug and kiss her is always strong. I think it’s the big blue eyes and giant ears.



Jairbear has the swine flu.


Poor Jaired. The kid had to wear a bear printed face mask because he caught the swine flu. In all seriousness he is fine and only needed some meds. He was pissed off that he had to wear the mask though… I mean. Wouldn’t you be? Did you notice little mama back there to his left? She loves her cousins like you wouldn’t believe. She was mighty concerned about that stupid face mask.


Michael, Charlie, Ellabella and Gma Kaffy.


Ella loves Charlie. Charlie loves Ella. Match made in heaven? I think so… The only thing my niece and nephew love more than “bob snacks” (what we call gummy fruit snacks in this house) is my mother. They think she is the best thing since sliced bread and have no problem pointing out that while you may be the favorite adult normally, Gma Kaffy makes you look like someone who sucks worms from a cats butt with your mouth. All children and most small animals love my mother. She has a good heart and a catching smile. Also. She has a gypsy fro. Case in point, all 5 of my nephews and my one niece out here think her room is the coolest place to be on gods green earth. I have no idea why. It’s crowded with stuff that they can’t touch and her cat hates everyone but her. Maybe its the fact that her bed is comfy and has like 50 pillows on it. Maybe its the never-ending supply of candy from the bucket. Maybe it’s because she lets them watch cartoons while relaxing on said pillows as they consume said candy. I don’t know. I think it’s because she loves them mostly.

My mom is a lot of things, but obviously most of them are good because as I said before babies and animals love her to bits. Felons on the other hand, are terrified of her. (She works for the WA state DOC.)


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